Organic Gardens

We install organic gardens!

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We install custom, certified organic gardens. Here’s a behind-the-scenes view at our process.

Proper drainage is important.

We use 4-inch “schedule 40” pipe and protective socks over pipe prevent debris from entering pipes.
We install synthetic three-way clean-outs for easy maintenance.
If you ever have a problem, all you need is a screwdriver to flush the lines.
Gravel encases each “finger” of the drainage system.We then surround each finger with gravel to ensure proper water flow.



Enclose Your Garden with a Border

Choose a border for your garden.



High compaction crushed stone laid underneath border
ensures border will not sink or move over time.



Just add soil!



Complete the garden by filling with certified mixture of compost and topsoil of the
highest quality. This mixture will allow you to grow the finest vegetables all season long.


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