We work with the loggers and mills in the area to bring you the best firewood.
Our seasoned wood is at least 12 months old, and under 15% moisture for
optimum 1,000,000 BTU’s per rick of wood (approximately).
Most wood species will not burn readily if they have been freshly cut, so the
wood should be reasonably seasoned.


We offer different varieties and sizes of wood.
Finest hardwoods
Split faced Wood
Long and Short Wood
6in. Dry Wood
Beer / Bon-fire Wood 
Boiler Wood
Boiler Wood is cut up to 24? in length.
Romance Wood
(Prices vary on amount.)



Green Wood
$400 per load
(Average load 5 ricks)
Seasoned Wood
$500 per load
(Average load 5 ricks)


Green Wood
$70 per rick
(May pick up smaller amounts.)
Seasoned Wood
$90 per rick
(May pick up smaller amounts.)
***  Delivery is included within 10-mile radius of Bloomington.
After 15 miles it’s $2 a mile.  ***




We also offer a long lasting alternative
for your wood storage needs!


Geo Text Fabric
Rubber Membrane
These are used to help keep moisture off of your wood.


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